Results winner from the finals and event entries

The winners of the test finals have been posted and have been identified as the top winner for this year.

Many of the entries were worthy of a mention and will be regarded as top entries but not winners. Parents of students also attended with their babies. Thinkbaby was responsible for putting the event together, so a special thanks to them and their staff.

A lot of thought and organization was put into building this event and all the student had a fantastic time with many motivated to set up for next year too. When students were asked what they thought was the best information provided by think baby range they mentioned the safe mini cribs for baby and there was no dispute among the entrants.

Apart from the organizer there was students that also help in the setting up of stalls on the day and Kids academy wants to thank all the students that volunteered for that too.

Parents brought food from home. The cultures at the event were many and the food choices where endless. Everyone found the tastes they were after and even the babies were cared for by their mothers.